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Welcome to The Fearless Black Girl Website.
We are so excited that you've chosen to share in the adventures with us!

Fearless Black Girl is an online docu-series geared toward documenting world travel through the eyes of a millennial. The series was created as a result of Priscilla, FBG host, recognizing that during her tenure in the travel industry there was a significant lack of diversity in travelers. Curious as to why that was, she noticed that when she switched on popular networks, like The Travel Channel and National Geographic very few people of color, if any at all were featured at the center of their well-known programs. 


The idea then came to create a travel series with an African American woman showcasing various exotic destinations. With the help of Christina Jones, CEO of Storytellers Media Group, Fearless Black Girl was born. 


Our mission is "to ignite and excite more people of color to the thought of a traveling adventure." One of our main goals is to empower and educate more people in the African American communities on the long term benefits of travel and overcoming your fears. 


We aim to transform the thinking of our viewers by the renewal of the mind with each episode watched by our viewers meaning we want them to say "Hey, she overcame her fear and I can too." Fearless Black Girl is dedicated to impacting the multitudes one person at a time. So we say, take yourself out of the box, unlock the power.

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